Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Slovakia - Michaela NURCIKOVA

Miss World 2011 - Slovakia - Michaela NURCIKOVA


Name : Michaela NURCIKOVA
Age : 20
Height : 178
Languages : Slovak & English


Michaela is currently studying at university and hopes to become a teacher. She is a keen volleyball player and has competed at a high national level. Michaela describes herself as incredibly friendly and sporty.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

Slovakia is a small country in central Europe with beautiful scenery and most famed for its mountains.

Future ambitions ?

To finish my university studies and continue to play volleyball.

Describe yourself

I am a friendly person who loves sport. I like to meet new people and visit places I have never been before.

Personal Motto?

Never say never!

Favourite food ?

Grilled chicken with rice.

Favourite Music / Books ?

My favourite music is pop and I enjoy novels for women.

Do you have any pets ?

Yes, I have dog named Alex.

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

My proudest moment was when my volleyball team won the national championship and the day I was accepted into university.

Special Talents ?

Volleyball player.

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